I’m Janie, the founder of TimeForBabies. I’ve lived in San Diego since I was a child, and have three children of my own. I nursed all of them and never took a breastfeeding class – although I wish that I had. 

My experiences with the challenges of breastfeeding started when my oldest child was a newborn in 2005. The hospital staff were aggressively pushing formula, as they said that my daughter was crying because she was “starving.”

My third child Joe was always fussy, and never slept well. I was too busy with my other two children and work to ever see a Lactation Consultant. Now I sure wish that I had! He went on to grow healthy and strong, but always had tummy problems and didn’t sleep well (and nor did I!).

Fast forward to now. During my breastfeeding studies, I realized that he had a undiagnosed upper lip tie and all the symptoms that went along with it… including an extremely strong suck due to a poor latch, which basically has destroyed my nipples. TMI? Maybe, but it’s important as it applies to this site, as I never want another mom to suffer as he and I did.

Most recently, a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer, while she was pregnant with her second baby. Her baby girl needed to be delivered very early so that my friend could start her chemo as soon as possible. Obviously the chemo treatment also meant that she was unable to breastfeed her baby.

I wanted to help out in any way possible, and made it my goal to ensure my friend’s daughter always had a supply of breast milk, to give her the best possible start in life. Through friends and referrals to loving and giving moms throughout San Diego, enough milk has been, and continues to be, donated to supply the baby throughout the first year of her life. Thankfully, my friend’s prognosis is optimistic, and her sweet baby continues to thrive.

The incredible generosity of the moms I have encountered moved and inspired me to help more moms who are experiencing challenges with breastfeeding, and help as many babies as possible to have a free supply of nutritious breast milk. I am now a certified lactation educator and counselor and am working toward becoming an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Sound good? Come join me to learn more about breastfeeding and let me support you in meeting your own breastfeeding goals.

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